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My KevEdd OC! *spontaneously loses followers*

•Her name is Bella Gia Lovette

•About 5’3” and 156 lbs.

•Her mom is from Italy and her father is Korean; she can speak fluent Italian and was learning Korean, but gave up on it.

•She’s 17, birthday being April 28 (Taurus)

•She plays the piano, and the viola
as well as the capability of singing

•She’s in Theater Club and does a lot of community service acting for the local theater

•She’s right handed

•A huge Broadway/musical/music geek, specializing in the Romantic and Renaissance Eras, and romantic plays (She knows West Side Story like the back of her hand)

•She’s nearsighted (She’s gotten used to big rimmed glasses)

She has a huge crush on Nat I’ll post a bio later

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